Fossil Find Domino Game Board - A Dominos Board Game
Fossil Find Domino Dinosaur Board Game Introduction:

Contains: 1 Game Board, 91 Domino Tiles, 6 Pawns, 2 Dice and Rules.

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"Fossil Find is a domino-based board game that places the players in the mind of a paleontologist as they make their way around the game board collecting, trading or ditching the numerous artifacts (dominoes) they come in contact with during the game."
Ahmaree Williams - Pine Bluff Commercial

We could not sum up the jest of Fossil Find – A Domino Based Board Game better than Ms. Williams did in our first interview article in our local paper. There are many aspects of this game to keep you thinking as you are collecting or trading artifacts (dominoes) constantly along with ditching artifacts (dominoes) because you can only hold on to five (5) artifacts (dominoes). As all classic board games there are squares around the board that could be a blessing or a curse in Artifact Auction, Grave Robbing and Natural Disaster Squares. While you are collecting, trading and ditching artifacts (dominoes) you are trying to get a scoring hand of a full house (3 of a kind and 2 of a kind), a straight (example 12, 11, 10, 9, 8) or a five (5) of a kind. If you have played Poker or Yahtzee, you will catch on quick to a scoring hand. You will also notice that we changed them just a little bit in that you must have five (5) of a kind instead of four (4) of a kind and the other two (2) scoring hands are the traditional Poker hands.

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Fossil Find Game Tiles

Uses 6 Pawns and 2 Dice

Fossil Find Game Pieces and Dice

FOSSIL FIND domino board game

Players: 1-6 Ages: 13 and Up

You and your friends will be playing a fun and engaging game...

FOSSIL FIND domino board game

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